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Who We Are

Seven Peaks was founded on more than just a name; it was founded on family values, hard work, and the hopes to provide a better life for our family and yours.   Our father, Jeff Chandler got started in the construction industry shortly after high school and a few years later found himself in Orem, Utah where he worked for many years for Christianson Brothers Construction.  It was there that he not only learned how to build a home from the ground up but the importance of quality work and how to get the job done right the first time.  In 2004 Jeff Moved his family back home to the state of Arizona where he decided to start his own business. 

While in the process of developing this new business the need to have a name became present. While Jeff lived here in the city of Mesa, the mountain range of Four Peaks you could say was right in his back yard. Knowing that Four Peaks didn’t have any significant importance to him and his family he continued the search.  With family playing a major role in his life he wanted to have the name symbolize family. With that being said the Chandler family consists of 7 people creating the perfect name of “Seven Peaks”.

With Jeff having the prefect combination of a new business and 5 kids, he wanted to instill in his kids the same values he learned from the Christianson Brothers. After years of hard work and teaching his kids just that, a great job opportunity became available for Jeff. Taking the job at one of the surrounding city offices Jeff was enjoying his new career. During this new adventure Jeff did what was necessary to keep his license current but didn’t have any plans to go back into the field. This is where  Jeff’s three oldest sons come in. 

Jeffrey Jr., Jeff’s oldest son went right out of high school into the construction world. Working for multiple construction companies and restoration companies he learned the trades. While Jeff’s second son Trevor and middle son Matt combined their efforts and built a successful fence and barn company here in the valley named Seven Peaks Fence and Barn. Building horse fencing and barns all over the Phoenix valley they learned how to provide for the needs of each customer. 

Being in the Construction industry it doesn’t take long to learn how littered the industry is with bad reputations and the Chandler Brothers saw that. With each Brother possessing different skills that would Maximize a partnership the decision was easy to come together as a team.  In 2018 Seven Peaks Painting was formed bringing you exactly what you need to get the job done right. We are here to provide you a professional painting service.  

The Chandler Brothers

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Jeff Chandler

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